Welcome into the "small barrel"

“In the small barrel you’ll find the best wine”. Wine makers used to put their higher level wine into small barrels to save it for important occasions.



Although relatively small, perhaps more than any other, Friuli is a region where various elements are mixed together: mountains, hills, flat land and sea shores . Behind its calm, almost static appearance, the region’s history dates back to ancient times, with signs of all the various cultures that have reigned over the years: Romans, Barbarians, Slavs, Venetians, Austrians. People coming from all directions, a crossroad between East, North and West.
Antique wine-making traditions have always been a sure sign of civilization.The Giulia Alpine foothills protect the area from the cold north winds and the closeness of the sea brings a mild, temperate climate, which is ideal for grapewines.



The Estate spreads over an area of 21 hectares, 15 used for the vines; all facing south with heights that varies between 40 and 80 meters above sea level. The grapevines are equally divided between DOP Collio and Isonzo appellations, which, though they lie close are made of completely different soils.


This dual personality is perhaps the main feature of the company, as they produce two completely different types of wine which perfectly complement each other.
The fascinating, feminine Isonzo wines and the powerful and masculine ones from Collio. The calcareous-gravely soil
of Isonzo produces wines which have elegant structures, combined with concentrated intense bouquets. The marl-sandstone soil of Collio exalts the complexity of the bouquet and the structures that bursts forth on the palate.

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